Fine European Wide Plank Flooring

Uncommonly Beautiful and Environmentally Sound

Engineered Flooring

See for yourself the many benefits and advantages that make our finest quality engineered wood floors so uncommonly beautiful, enduring, versatile and smart. Learn why the unique construction and improved performance of our materials allow Nor-Cal Floor Design to create your perfect floor.

Residential Flooring

Transform your home with the natural beauty and fine craftsmanship of European Wide Plank flooring. Enjoy the look and feel of precision-engineered wood floors made from the highest quality materials available. See the future of your kitchen, bedrooms and living spaces here.

Commercial Flooring

Match outstanding looks with rugged longevity and performance by highlighting showrooms, retail, restaurant and other commercial spaces with engineered wide plank wood flooring from Nor-Cal Floor Design. Learn why our floors are perfect for your business.

Featured Product

Featured Product: New Floor Colors

Arrigoni Woods has released a ‘special’ color collection, featuring 10 new finishes on our beautiful Rustic Oak. This new line complements the neutral color of unfinished oak, achieving a wide range of natural tones, cool hues and brushed […]

Floor Care and Info

The Hypoallergenic Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Though there are thousands of airborne and food-borne allergens, a common culprit of many allergies can be household-based items, including dust, residue from cleaning chemicals, and toxins in wood finishes. The great news for homeowners with such sensitivities […]